Bruce Henson(non-registered)
my favorites over the years have been the air-to-air projects, from all over the world. These have been fuel for my daydreams. A close second are the aerial landscapes with wonderful patterns and ineffable moments in time caught and shared. Quite a body of work that will give joy for years to come. Thanks Steve.
James Vago
I was introduced to your work by my sister who gave us a signed print from 2003 of bryce canyon ,we really love it and it has drawn us to your site and work .we look forward to loking at your work,hope that now you are retired ,you still drop us some goodies on the web site.
David R. Purnell(non-registered)
Steve . . . Wow! . . . your photos are SPECTACULAR!!!
Wilson Hitchings(non-registered)
I hope to make the 2016 rally to the Black Hills!
Todd Easton(non-registered)
I was glad to hear you're retired and having such a good retirement. I still remember the rides you gave me in New Hampshire (?) and Colorado, including the loop over Aspen and zooming along that ridge running away from town. Thanks again!
Nathan Probst(non-registered)
Found you via your Soaring the Rockies my future plane! Beautiful work. You've done what I dreamt of doing back before kids and a mortgage. ;-)
Rudy Morris(non-registered)

VERY impressive collection...professional in every way. Great variety in subject matter...warbirds, travel, scenics and those must be a pilot!

Excellent work!!
I am often to blogging and i really appreciate your content. The article has really peaks my interest. I am going to bookmark your site and keep checking for new information.
Chuck Kenyon(non-registered)
Great Pictures of the air show. I am a BIG Fan of the C-1A's. I am the PC?Crew Chief on the Lex COD. You got some great shots of our BANNA PASS with Rusty pushing the wheel. Thanks Chuck Kenyon
Jeanine Wall(non-registered)
Enjoyed meeting you and Marcia at Wayside. Look forward to seeing the photos. I can't find anything on the website that would help me purchase your work??? Safe travels. Jeanine
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